J. Pekka Mäkelä: Muurahaispuu

”The Ant Tree”
First published in Finnish February, 2012
ISBN: 978-952-01-0746-8
hardcover, 300 pages.
cover photograph: J. Pekka Mäkelä (1974)

”Skillfully written story about the past and how the past, imagined or real, affects life... finely written and powerful reading experience.”

– Juha Pikkarainen, YLE Lappi

"Muurahaispuu shows intimate views to Finnish suburban culture and how it become an integral part of the Finnish way of life.”

– Tommi Aitio, Kauppalehti Optio

”J. Pekka Mäkelä continues writing in his down-to-earth style even stronger than before... [he] pictures his characters’ multidimensional inner worlds – everyone has a story to tell.”

– Linda Pyykkönen, Kaleva

”Again, Mäkelä’s at his best describing complex relationships and long talks about worldviews.”

– Jani Saxell, Parnasso


Kari Lännenheimo is revisiting his roots, not particularly happily.

But what happened to his sister? What kind of man was his grandfather, the decorated war hero? Why his father had nothing to do with his uncle living next door? Why didn’t the other family menbers even know anything about the uncle?

Kari Lännenheimo returns to his childhood home in the Helsinki suburb of Kontula for the summer of 2011. The apartment needs to be emptied and cleanded before it will be put on the market. His father has been permantently hospitalized and won’t return back home, and won’t be answering any questions about the weird things Kari finds from his former home.

The past meets the present, disturbingly, and through weird and lively dreams Kari finds himself involved in the lives of his neighbors.