J. Pekka Mäkelä: Karsta

Published September, 2009Karsta-kansi
ISBN: 978-952-01-0339-2
paperback, 320 pages.
cover artwork: Lasse Martinaho
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”J. Pekka Mäkelä has written his best novel so far. Karsta is magnificent.”


Listed in Locus Magazine review of international science fiction 2009:

”The fourth novel by the man who translates Philip K. Dick into Finnish, is a another quiet masterpiece of bystander-sf. Humanity has lost the interstellar war and aftermath means cleaning up the places. Mäkelä solidifies his place as an important sociopolitical-sf writer.” (Jukka Halme )

The heroes have walked the Galaxy. Somebody has to clean up.

There has been a great war between the Earth and other powers in our galaxy. The Earth lost – almost everything she had. Debris, wrecks, dross, garbage float everywhere around the Solar System.

This is no world for heroes: every last of them died during the war. All there is are former resisters, rebels, objectors – and people who had been too young, too old or too unreliable to fight. They must clean up the mess the heroes left behind.

No war ends with the last shot.

Karsta is a story from a world where patriotism had its glorious last stand and failed. Survivors have no choice but pick up the pieces, literally. They need to build a completely new attitude toward the other people in Galaxy. But that’s not enough. They need to find a new attitude toward their fellow human beings. It won’t be easy, after being brainwashed for six thousand years to believe that warfare is somehow natural part of human life, that there are good people and bad people, and that the good people have to kill all the bad people to teach them that killing people is wrong.

Comes a day when a right thing to do becomes a wrong thing to do.


”Thirty More Years”; a short story

”Thirty More Years”, translated by Owen F. Witesman, is a short story from the same world as Karsta, although about 25 years later than the novel. The pdf version of the story can be downloaded from the Finnishwriters.com site.