a return to Alshain


ISBN 978-952-01-0948-6
paperback, 320 pages

published 4th of July, 2013

Publisher’s page

Alas is the second novel set in to the world of Alshain.

Alshain, Beta Aquilae, is a bright star fifty light years from the Earth, clearly visible on clear autumn nights. On one of the planets circling the star is one of the first Human settlements outside Earth, a new world that already has a few hundred years’ worth of history, scientific discoveries, life and revolutions.

There are trade links between Alshain and the distant Earth. Between the surface and the orbit things and people move through space elevators, hi-rise towers almost forty thousandt kilometers high. But what happens when one of the towers fall? Five people see things from a different viewpoint. Their theories about hows and whys and whodunnits differ, too.

But then – Alshain is known as a place where everything happens where no one is looking.