J. Pekka Mäkelä: 391

Published January, 2004391-kansi
ISBN: 952-471-294-6
paperback, 207 pages.
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”Mäkelä adds diversity to the Finnish SF and takes it towards the historical novels by Mika Waltari.”

– Suonna Kononen, Karjalainen

Extremely well written, well constructed story, a pleasure to read. Like Philip K. Dick, Mäkelä has eye for the everyday problems, like the protagonist’s clumsiness in relationships and his efforts to find sense in his time-distorted life.”

– Juha K. Tapio, Kaleva 

If you could travel in time, where? To do what? How about rescuing something mindless fanatics are about to demolish? Like... the manuscripts in the legendary Library of Alexandria?

Or, if your workmate would tell, during a quiet night shift, that he had been accidentally taken to such a trip, would you believe him? Would you follow him to a place where he says they hid the treasures?


”391's time trip to ancient Alexandria is a fascinating read, a time trip to humaneness, to how little we have changed during the times, and how little we may change in the future.”

– Anne Leinonen, Kosmoskynä


Excerpts from 391 by J. Pekka Mäkelä